Decentralized Banking Solutions

We leverage on the latest technology to achieve seamless integration and speed with the lowest possible cost.

1 Click to Fiat

1 Click for Remittance

1 Click for Payment

1 Click for Financing

1 Click to Fiat
(Beta testing in progress)

FINX provides a hassle free, fast, efficient and easy way to convert crypto to FIAT.

Fast & Hassle Free Crypto to Fiat conversion

Ease of Usage

Low Transaction Charges

1 Click for Remittance
(License application submitted)

Low cost remittance with just a tap of your finger.

Across Global Border

Instant Transactions

Lowest Fees

1 Click for Payment
(Merchant integration testing)

It has never been easier to make payment with cryptocurrencies instantly.

No Intermediaries or 3rd Parties

Secured Transactions

Instant Payment

1 Click for Financing
(Coming soon in 2021)

Instant approval of micro loans powered by decentralized technology.

Secured & Personalized

Instant Decisioning

Affordable Rates

FINX Roadmap

The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.

July 2018

FINX Started Operation

September 2018

FINX Commence Blockchain Developments

December 2018

FINX Smart Wallet

(Beta Testing)

February 2019

FINX Debit Card

(Beta Testing)

May 2019

FINX live on Bancor Network (A Swiss Decentralised Exchange)

September 2019

• Commence operation in Singapore

• FINX Smart Wallet live on appstore

October 2019

Launch Fiat Withdrawal Function

2021 - 2022

FINX Launch in Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines


No, and FINX has no plan to commence its operation in Malaysia.
No. Bancor Network is a Swiss Decentralised Liquidity Network that allows user to hold any token and convert between two tokens like an exchange with no counter party at an automatically calculated price, using a simple web wallet.
It can store, manage and convert tokens, completely decentralized, multi-feature wallet that lets everyone access to the growing token economy securely. It easily send and request tokens from friends via profile search rather than cryptic wallet addresses.
Users have to register for Bancor Wallet. Please click to register your own Bancor Wallet.
No. Users are required to register for Bancor Wallet by yourself.
A Fintech start-up that utilizes blockchain technology to build a decentralized digital banking platform to promote financial inclusion amongst the unbanked and to the banked segment to seamlessly manage their financial assets (both digital and fiat) in a transparent, secured and efficient Mode. FINX token allow users who own FINX token for trade, token conversation, P2P transfer and receive payments.
No, Bancor is an cryptocurrency exchange platform and FINX token is one of the cryptocurrencies that is available to be traded within the Bancor Exchange.
Bancor wallet can store token and support convert token around up to 8700+ token pairs. It support variety of token cross blockchain. Easily convert cross-chain between every token in the Bancor Network with a click of a button.
You will need to deposit with ETH and exchange it to FINX Token.
Payment can be made via credit card.
Users are required to do a simple KYC in order to continue token purchase.
Estimate 2-3 working days. Please contact to get the most precise information. They will be able to look into your particular case.
Yes. Simplex charges a 5% transaction fee and requires a minimum $10 purchase. This is 3rd party service charge.
The system may be facing some technical issues. Please try again. Please make sure you have entered a valid email address.
The system may be facing some technical issues. Please try again. Alternatively, please use a different sign in method example telegram or messenger
Please ensure you upload a full image of your identity documents in medium to high resolution (size not less than 300KB).
You can click “Reset Password” and change to a new password.
For any technical issue, please visit for further enquiries.